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20 September 2014

Battle Royale

If I thought that Chapter 3 had been produced in super-fast time, then Chapter 4 has smashed it right out of the park! Here it is. I've certainly rushed the pages out and I think it adds a certain urgency to the mood... which is exactly what the story needs at this point. There's only one more chapter to go. I really hope that I can pull off the ending. We'll just have to wait and see! ;-)

If you want to jump back to the start of this book then here are a few links to guide your way:

Chapter 1 - Till Death Do Us Part
Chapter 2 - El Malparido
Chapter 3 - The Hunt

Introducing: Battle Royale...

15 September 2014

The Hunt

I'm pleased to announce that I've drawn up chapter 3 of the new "Dead Hand" comic. I present to you "The Hunt", a tale of brooding maleficence. This was storyboarded a couple of months ago and I see now a small sync with a recent post I wrote about "The Hunter". What is it with all this hunting I wonder?

I've had a lot of fun pulling this one together and quite by accident, I've done it in record time. Things are coming together nicely both in terms of overall plot and artwork. I haven't been afraid to mix it up here and there so hopefully this will keep things interesting for you. As always I'll add the disclaimer that these are the drafts and they may need to change ;-)

I reckon that this is my favourite chapter so far!

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