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12 April 2014

More Dreaming about Building a Banjo

I've been spending more time wondering whether I've got what it takes to make a banjo. For the main part this has meant hours on the internet and lots of little scribbles on scraps of paper as I try to gather my thoughts. Let me try and explain some of what's been going through my head...

Fiction and reality are beginning to overlap. I wonder if this picture will make its way into my new comic? We'll just have to wait and see! 

6 April 2014

The Wild Rover

I'm pleased to announce that it's time for another installment of my comic saga. Hooray!

You might remember that I took a little departure with chapter 1 when I went all Samurai on you. Chapter 2 left us with quite a few loose ends. Chapter 3 returns us to familiar ground. Fasten your seatbelts my friends... this is going to get messy...

Let me introduce you to the Wild Rover...