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16 July 2016

"Locus Solus" is published

Earlier this week I secretly published my latest comic "Locus Solus". This one really has been a labour of love. Let me explain...

Locus Solus... a study of despair

9 July 2016

I like Z Nation better than The Walking Dead...

"I like Z Nation better than The Walking Dead... and I'm prepared to fight any man who says otherwise" ~ King Uke
Them's brave words indeed and some might say, a little foolish. I've been absent from the Blog for a while now. It's not that I've given up... I've just been busy with real life. Time for a quick update.

This past month or so has been a bit of a milestone for me in as much as I've now officially joined the on-line revolution by adding Spotify to my monthly bill for Mrs Uke, and Netflix for my kids. So far, the experience has been costly, but good. I'll no doubt share more details with you in some later post. Today I'll share a few thoughts on a programme I happened across on Netflix called Z Nation.

It's all fun and laughter until somebody gets "piked" ~ Z Nation