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10 July 2010

John Grey & Sons - A Few Useful Hints

The following is transcribed from a sticker fitted inside cases supplied with John Grey Dulcetta banjo ukuleles:

To fit a Vellum Head the tension hoop should be left as high as possible, as the head stretches gradually and then becomes slack. Allowance is made in this manner for the gradual tightening of the brackets.

To tighten a Vellum Head give one full turn to each nut in succession and continue the process until the skin is sufficiently taut. The Vellum should be tightened gradually and care should be observed.

To place a Bridge, stop the 1st string at the 12th fret and adjust the bridge until the true octave is obtained. Unless the bridge is in the correct position the instrument will not play in tune. If when the strings are stopped on a particular fret they jar against the next fret, a higher bridge should be fitted.

Strings of uneven thickness frequently cause the notes to sound out of tune. Care should be taken to see that all strings are perfectly true.

Keep this instrument in a dry place when not in use.

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