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28 September 2010

Chopper (2000)

"Chopper" is a story based upon the folklaw that has grown up surrounding the notorious Australian ex-criminal Mark "Chopper" Read. Right from the opening time-lapse shots of Pentridge prison, you sense that you're in for something special.

The film doesn't feel big budget and at times it verges on the Documentary. It's mainly dialog with very little in the way of a soundtrack. I think that this simply adds power to some of the scenes.

Whilst the film works on a number of different levels, the casting is inspired. Eric Bana does a fantastic job as the edgey Chopper. Love him or hate him, you do get an insight into what makes Chopper tick.

This could so easily have been one of your meat-head broken bones and bruises films, but instead it builds up a picture of the characters behind the events and lets you make up your own mind. Is it the truth? Who knows, but while you're watching it, you'll believe it is.

If you want to be in my gang, you'll f*** go out and steal buy this DVD! It's a bullet-in-the-eye 8.

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