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28 September 2010

From Dusk Till Dawn (1996)

Life's too short to waste reading bad books. Likewise it is definitely too short to waste watching bad films. After watching this film, I want some of my life back...

From Dusk Till Dawn is out of the Tarantino stable. He wrote the screenplay and acts out one the major parts, but what a mess!

The film starts off a little slow by today's standards, but it had huge potential; Two murderers are on the run from the Law and heading for Mexico. Everyone who comes into contact with them is likely to end up dead in a brutal but stylish way. But hold on a second: These two desperados are George Clooney and Quentin Tarantino - the Good Guy and the Geek. So you suspend disbelief for a while and go along for the ride. Things run true to expectations and they eventually manage to get into Mexico, and this is where it all goes horribly wrong...

Yes, horribly wrong for the characters, but also for the film. Any art-house aspirations are dumped by the way-side and we descend into Vampire gore and comedy madness. Our first hint of the slide is as they pull up to the "Titty Twister". Think Porky's come Mad Max and you won't be far wrong. And then we have to deal with the Ork-like Vampires. It's rubber heaven with blood. Keep an eye out for the 'dick-gun' - I shit you not!

Don't waste your time with this wanna-be 80s B Movie. On the Triple B scale I'd give it a 3... Try and beg a copy if you must, but you really won't be missing anything if you end up empty handed.

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