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16 October 2010

Colin (2009)

Colin is the zombie film that caused a bit of a stir about a year ago. I'd been holding out to see it and finally the time was right: The wife was out at her Bomb-making Classes and the kids were in bed. Let the good times roll!

First impressions mean a lot and unfortunately, my first impressions were bad. The sinking feeling started when I realised that it wasn't widescreen. I know it was a big deal that this film was made for about 4 pence, but come on! It didn't get much better. The whole thing had a 'straight to YouTube' feeling as if it was put together by a University Art Group.

Now I'll come clean and explain that things didn't turn out exactly as I had hoped and this definitely didn't help my viewing experience. I was keeping the volume low, but even so, I had inquisitive children interrupting me trying to steal a sneaky peak. I actually watched the last bit of the film without any sound at all! It didn't help my understanding of what was going on and you'll have to take this fact into account when you read my final verdict.

Put simply: I feel conned. The film is about a zombie, from the zombie's point of view. You know what? I'm not really that bothered about the zombie's point of view. There came a point when I was praying for the credits every time a scene faded to black. Not good! If I hadn't decided to knock this review together I would have switched the Bloody thing off long before the end.

Okay, it is what it is. I know I'm being grumpy. It's my own fault for letting myself get carried away by the hype. Whilst there were the germs of some great ideas in here, unfortunately germs are all you get. If you're only in it for the gore then add a couple of points, but for me this is a 2. Don't waste your time with it.

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