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19 October 2010

Les Dawson's Secret Notebooks (2007)

I've just finished Les Dawson's Secret Notebooks. This book is a collection of extracts from Les's notebooks compiled after his death in 1993. Everything you might expect is featured: from classic Cissie and Ada sketches right through to a selection of Les's trademark 'I wouldn't say my wife's fat, but...' type jokes. You get some mementoes of his Blankety Blank days, and who can forget the magnificent Cosmo Smallpiece!

I'm not going to kid you here... Dawson's brand of comedy is long gone, and the jokes in this book do seem dated. However, it didn't take me long to get into the swing of it. I found it an enjoyable read and a great reminder of what Les was all about.

On the Triple B scale I give this book a 5; Everybody should read this book at least once, but perhaps only once.

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