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9 November 2010

Dawn of the Dead (2004)

I don't know what I was doing in 2004, but I certainly wasn't watching the remake of Dawn of the Dead. And what a remake it is!

I'm going to come clean and tell you that I was scared right from the opening scenes. Laugh all you want! I don't care! When that little zombie girl jumped up like a demented cat and sprinted after the woman I just knew that I was in for a brown-trouser ride! Oh dear... what a mess!

And what about that God-awful baby! I could barely watch. Yuck!

So yeah, I really enjoyed the film.

Dawn of the Dead had a lot of themes that were familiar to me: The unlucky survivors end up barricaded in a Mall and they hate each other. They kill zombies and they learn to like each other. There's a cute dog. Everyone's got guns. Somebody else is trapped in a nearby building and they make friends by signalling to him. Yeah, yeah, seen it all before. But I'll be the first to say that it all fitted together nice and neatly.

Story-wise, I only really had an issue with the "A"-Team-like scene where they're fitting out the buses for the grand escape. Here they were getting ready to escape and I couldn't quite figure out where they were going to escape to. There was some talk of finding a boat and sailing to an island. What? Have you lost your f***ing minds?

I'm not sure I would have bought into that hare-brained scheme.

So in a way, it was kind of lucky for them that I wasn't there...

To conclude: Dawn of the Dead does the business. It's blood, it's guts, and it's sprinting dead people. I give it an unholy 8. Oh yeah, and what about that scene where he sticks the bit of wood up through the guy's chin and out the top of his skull! Agggghhhh! Go buy it!

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