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21 December 2010

Cell (2006)

According to Cell, it's the humble mobile phone that brings civilisation to its knees. Imagine everyone getting a phone call that literally drives them mad... all at the same time. How do the 'normies' - the guys and gals who don't have mobile phones - cope with the mess that ensues? Well, this book gives you some ideas.

I have a bit of a love-hate thing when it comes to Stephen King novels. I find Stephen to be a tad wordy at times. Reading his books can be like watching one of those annoying TV programmes that goes to the Adverts only to start up again with a lengthy recap of everything that it covered before going to the Adverts. Someone is going to tell me that this is a clever writer's trick to keep my mind on the plot. Unfortunately, it just frustrates me. There's a little bit of this going on in Cell... but it's not too bad...

Another thing that doesn't do much for me is when Stephen gets all mystical with telepathy and people levitating and the like. There's a little bit of this going on in Cell... but, again, it's not too bad...

So, did I like this book?

Yes, I did like this book! Yay!

Stephen tells a great story in Cell, with trademark surprises around most corners. Generally the characters are well rounded and believable. I liked the plot... even the ending! Most apocalyptic stories tend to end in 1 of 2 ways, but here Stephen manages a third.

The book has zombies which should keep most people happy. And as you would expect with the arrival of zombies, the gore is never too far away. For me the success of the story lies in the fact that there is enough detail to keep everything real, but I'm struggling to get over the fact that the book could have said what it needed to say in half the number of pages.

Still, it's a good read. I recommend it.

On the Triple-B I give Cell a Harvard 6. Borrow it!

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