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12 December 2010

Constantine (2005)

Since I started writing this damn blog, it has become apparent to me how little I understand of the films I watch. At first I thought it was me. But now I'm not so sure. Today I talk about Constantine...

Right. Here's the plot. And remember - I've watched the film...

There's God and there's the Devil. They're at war. The Baddies are bad and the Goodies aren't necessarily good. There are people who are neither Baddies nor Goodies, but on the whole these tend to be Goodies. And then on Earth there is Keanu Reeves as Constantine whose job is to keep the Baddies in Hell.

An important twist is that Keanu is dying and undergoing some sort of Purgatory; He is destined to go to Hell but doing his best to get to Heaven. Why he is going to Hell remains a mystery to me, but I'm guessing that Keanu committed suicide as a child and for some reason the attempt failed.


The special effects are good.

Constantine is an adaptation of the Hellblazer graphic novel which I haven't read (and don't feel too inspired to search out). The film has a comic book feel, and I really liked the shots of Hell. In fact they pull off the demon/angel thing really well. Halos off to them on that one!

The acting's good. Something that struck me in this film was how much Keanu Reeves is turning into Clint Eastwood. No bad thing in my view.

I never thought I'd hear myself saying this, but I think that the film missed out on a great opportunity for some good old fashioned terror. The first time we meet with Keanu is when he is called in to deal with a demonic Possession. Oh dear! I can remember watching the Exorcist and being terrified as a kid. 'Here we go again!' I was thinking. Actually, for me, after the initial shock of the girl on the ceiling, things were pretty tame after that.

And my final recommendation?

You should see it. I give Constantine a devilish 666. Borrow it!

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