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29 December 2010


I'm absolutely fuming!

I recently sent my pride and joy... my ipod... to to be fixed. I was having difficulty switching it on and off, and I figured the click wheel was faulty. I stumped up the £29.99 for the replacement click wheel and the £5 or so that was needed to get it there by registered delivery. All good.

Having received it, they called me up and told me that there was nothing wrong with the click wheel, that something else was wrong and that this would cost me another £50 to fix. Did I want to go ahead with it?

I wasn't happy, but I felt that they had me over a barrel. I paid the extra £50 and let them get on it with it.

Fast forward to the ipod arriving. It had been sent by Royal Mail Special Delivery as they'd promised, but unlike the bomb-proof package I'd sent them, I got back a skimpy plastic bag with only the back of the ipod protected by bubble-wrap.

The first thing I noticed was that they'd damaged the case when opening it up. I've got a scratch where a screwdriver has slipped.

The battery was flat, so I set it charging. I was horrified to then discover that the screen was damaged; There is a semi-circle of damage running from the bottom left hand corner to the bottom right hand corner. The screen looks like it has been bent or something and there are dead pixels along the line.

I got in touch with the company to see what could be done about the damage and their single response was that it was already damaged when they'd received it and that they considered the damage to be minor. End of story.

The only ray of sunshine is that I am now able to switch the ipod on and off at will.

My recommendation is to steer well clear of these cowboys

On the Triple-B I give a zero. Oh, I can't can I... there isn't a zero. In which case they get a very generous 1. Don't touch them with a a barge pole!

Aren't you proud of me... I didn't swear once!



    new screen there? easy to fit.

    new case for it too :)

    I replaced my battery it took about 5 minutes. the screen and case should take about the same time

  2. Thanks for the tip. Need to calm down first though ;-)

  3. I'm not surprised! but for about a tenner atleast you can get it sorted :)

  4. I had the same f*kin thing ... sent mine to get battery replaced ... they didnt do ANYTHING! came back exactly as it was ... BROKEN! and with a nice few extra scratches all over it with a broken screen .. had to send back to them .. they eventually fixed everything .. but after a month the battery died .. bunch of c*nts!

  5. Not good. Sounds like you took the same risk I did using them. And you ended up in the same place as me... out of pocket. I appreciate you taking the time to comment. Lots of people read this post. Hopefully this information will be useful to them. Thanks for posting and commiserations...

  6. They are still at it and I too am very disatisfied with the service I got. For a start the 24 hour fast service is a laugh - mine took 5 days. Secondly the broken screen they replaced was damaged at the corner and when I sent it back under their 3 month guarantee they told me that the back case was also damaged and that's why they couldn't fit the screen properly and they wanted another £30. When I refused they demanded £10 to return my ipod. Use them at your peril.

  7. Really sorry to hear that you've been stung too! I get a lot of hits on this post, so there's a chance that our stories will help to prevent other people from being let down by this company. Thanks for commenting.

  8. Thanks for posting this - this was the cheapest place i could find to repair my ipod nano - and now i know why!

    thanks for the heads up, i wont use them now.

  9. I'm surprised to hear that they're still in business. Yep Danielle... go find someone else to fix your ipod.

  10. I had a similar problem in 2011 - see my blog
    I am now seeking repairs to two iPod Classics and they will NOT be going to these guys. Sorry to hear about your problem but is shows I was not a one-off.

  11. Oh dear Joe - your story is very similar to mine. Let's hope that people see our posts before using this crowd of cowboys!