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14 December 2010

The Road (2009)

The Road is one of the greatest books I've never read. I've listened to the audiobook maybe six times and each time I've enjoyed it as much as the first. When I heard that they were turning it into a film I must admit that I was a little sceptical that it would be any good; I couldn't see how they were going to do it justice. Even so, I've finally forked out for the DVD and here you go... a few thoughts...

Does the film live up to the book?

Yes and No...

Although the film covers all of the themes and is fairly true to the story, for me it doesn't come close to achieving the same sort of emotional impact as the book. That said, this film is epic in other ways. Take the special effects; I think that John Hillcoat has huge success in turning Cormac McCarthy's words into pictures. Some of the scenes are pure art and thinking back on it, the world of the film does fit well with the images I had in my head. In fact I'm inspired to go back and watch the film again. I think that in itself says something.

I have to say that Viggo Mortensen is a star. And thank God they didn't turn on the cheese with the boy; Kodi Smit-McPhee was an inspired choice... Not annoying in the slightest.

Guy Pearce is only in it for a while, but when he pops up he does the business. I was kind of wondering how they were going to pull the ending out of the bag, but credit to them, Guy was perfect! I really can't fault the casting at all.

The only question I have unanswered is what the story was with the thumbs? I can't remember that coming up in the book, or maybe it just wasn't as prominent. Don't know.

And winding it all up...

This film isn't going to be everyone's cup of tea. I know that. It's just too bleak and sad. The film makers were brave to make it and on the whole they've done a great job. Would I recommend that you go out and watch it? Hell yeah! Do I think you should pay for the pleasure? Hell yeah! On the Triple-B scale I award 'The Road' a desperate tear-filled 7. Buy it... and then go give your little boy a hug!

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