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30 January 2011

Why I didn't buy a Kindle

I've always liked the idea of having an eReader of some description. It's a gadget. How could I not want one? The thing was, there was never anything available that looked like it could do the job. And where on Earth would I get the books from?

Amazon's Kindle is the first eReader that has come close to enticing me. It uses eInk technology to reproduce a paper-like screen - check out the close-up shots if you want to be impressed - and has a readily available catalogue of titles. And they say that it can go for a month or so on a single charge.

This is ticking a lot of boxes!

27 January 2011

Enemy Number One (2009)

At school I used to wonder what happened to the kids that got bundled off to Oxford and Cambridge. What would they end up doing with themselves? Would they ever be able to catch a bus or tie their own shoelaces?

Patrick Veitch went to study Mathematics at Cambridge... and ended up as a professional gambler.

I wish I'd studied more at school!

26 January 2011

Dead-Alive (1992)

Dead-Alive (or Braindead as it was originally entitled) opens at Skull Island with the capture of an infected Rat Monkey. Right from the off you pretty much know what you're in for as the arrogant Kiwi zoologist gets bitten and his guides proceed to chop him up with a machete.

23 January 2011

Sheet Music - "Pasifica"

I was digging through my sheet music today and figured I'd stick up some pictures for your viewing pleasure. Today's theme is anything vaguely related to the Pacific Islands.

I only wish I had some Kiwi stuff to stick up!

17 January 2011

The Horde (2009)

What would you do if you were a French policeman and your best buddy had been recently killed by local gangsters?

Personally, I'd get some of my pals together, hunt down the bastards and kill them all! Well, that would be the plan anyway. And that's exactly how The Horde starts! Only, who'd expect the gangsters to foil the sting! And what odds would you give me on the Zombie Apocalypse happening at exactly the same time?

12 January 2011

The Crazies (1973)

I've been tricked! That'll teach me not to do my homework! I just watched the DVD of George Romero's 'The Crazies'. To the casual observer this DVD may look fairly modern, but don't be fooled; Although the cover was made in 2010, the film is very much a product of the early 1970s! Oh... I didn't see that one coming! Kerching!

8 January 2011

Devil May Care (2008)

Devil May Care is Sebastian Faulks' one, and so far only attempt at writing a James Bond novel. It was tied in to the Ian Fleming Centenary 'event' that ran throughout 2008 and on the whole Seb has stuck true to Fleming's overall formula. I've never read any of Seb's work before so I can't vouch for how much of this story is him, but you certainly get reminders of Fleming throughout.

5 January 2011

Dead Snow (2009)

The moment the Dead Snow DVD plopped onto my mat I knew that I just had to watch it... and soon. On the front of the box is a picture of some ugly Nazi zombies and the words: 'Ein! Zwei! Die!' If that doesn't grab your attention then nothing will.

Somehow I missed the fact that this film is a comedy. I know! It does say it on the back of the box, but who reads the back? Thankfully - using only the power of my mind - I eventually figured it out, and I enjoyed the film a whole lot more once I had. Up until then, I'm not too big to admit that I was papping myself!