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5 January 2011

Dead Snow (2009)

The moment the Dead Snow DVD plopped onto my mat I knew that I just had to watch it... and soon. On the front of the box is a picture of some ugly Nazi zombies and the words: 'Ein! Zwei! Die!' If that doesn't grab your attention then nothing will.

Somehow I missed the fact that this film is a comedy. I know! It does say it on the back of the box, but who reads the back? Thankfully - using only the power of my mind - I eventually figured it out, and I enjoyed the film a whole lot more once I had. Up until then, I'm not too big to admit that I was papping myself!

Dead Snow is set in the middle of nowhere, up in the snow-capped mountains of Norway when a group of medical students get together to drink beer and party. What a setting! The scenery had me hooked instantly. Yeah, I'm as sick of snow as the next man, but this isn't the dirty gravel-filled yellow snow we get in England....this is beautiful snow... Mountain snow... clean and pure snow. We'll get to the 'Dead' bit in a moment.

First, I'd better tell you that Dead Snow (or 'Død Snø' as they say it in Weegie) does have subtitles, but it's not a big deal. It all adds to the charm of the film... and not in a French way.

So how the Hell did they weave zombies and Nazis into the same film?

I won't go into all the detail... yeah, you got me... I think I must have missed a few key plot points along the way... again! I do know that it has something to do with Nazis, who are very bad; They killed and stole from the disgruntled locals and eventually got their comeuppance. Now they rot in the mountains and woe-betide any poor fools who get on the wrong side of them. The zombie bit is still a bit of a mystery to me. But hey, the details really aren't that important. Trust me... I'm a student doctor.

Rest assured that there's lots of blood and killing and gore. It's great!

My favourite bit of the whole film is where one of the guys gets it into his head that he'll be infected if he gets bitten. And what do you know, he does get bitten! Having apparently been taught 'amputation' at medical school he then proceeds to cut off his own arm with a chainsaw. I just loved it when he stands there looking at his stump laughing in a mad 'what the Hell have I just done' kind of way. You've got to see it! Can you guess what happens next? Watch it yourself... I'm not telling...

So, to pull it all together....

I think this film is great! I didn't understand it all and I still think it's great! You'll think it's great too!

One last thing: Why is it that nobody builds remote cabins with their own toilets. What's the story with outhouses? Who thinks that this is a good idea? And what about when the girl sneaks up on the guy for some outhouse hanky panky... He's just wiped his arse and she licks his fingers! Eeeewwww! Lovely touch! Ha ha!

I give Dead Snow a finger-licking 8. Go buy it! Or, as they say in Weegie: Gå kjøpe den!

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