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24 February 2011

Reggatta de Blanc (1979)

This week I have mostly been listening to...

The Police

I picked up the vinyl of Reggatta de Blanc recently and have been enjoying it far more than I really should. I know it's not allowed, but if you imagine Sting of the Police as being a different person to the arse he turned into, it's okay... it really is!

If I had to recommend one song off the album it would be...

Walking on the Moon

This really is a difficult one - there are so many great songs on the album. The band seemed more at home doing the slower numbers and this is the most commercial and polished of these.

I can't listen to this tune without remembering my first pair of Doc Martins. Until they were broken in, they had me walking around as if I was on the moon! Boom, Boom!

On the Triple-B this album is a Tantric 8. They don't make records like this anymore...

Just in case you disagree with my 'arse' statement above, here's a quick reminder of how it all started to go wrong...

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