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27 February 2011

Sheet Music - "Tickling Stick"

I happened to tune in to 'An Audience with Ken Dodd' last night and ended up watching the whole thing. It was a repeat, but then, so is Doddy. Fantastic stuff!

It got me thinking that I must have a few pieces of his sheet music hidden away in my crate. Sure enough, I do! Looks like I have his whole bloody back-catalogue! I could be sitting on a goldmine here! Ha ha!

I can't resist posting it.

If this is a success then you can look forward to my Des O'Connor tribute.

This could be my greatest brainwave yet!

Hold My Hand. Lyrics and Music by Mick Coleman. (c) 1981.
Reached Number 44 in the UK charts on 26 December 1981.

The River. English lyrics by Earl Shuman. Italian lyrics by Calibi-Mogol. Music by R Angiolini. (c) 1965.
Reached Number 3 in the UK charts on 18 November 1965.

Happiness. Lyrics and Music by Bill Anderson. (c) 1963.
Reached Number 31 in the UK charts on 23 July 1964.

Let Me Cry on Your Shoulder. Lyrics by George David Weiss. Music by Joe Sherman. (c) 1965.
Reached Number 11 in the UK charts on 19 January 1967.

Love Is Like a Violin. English lyrics by Jimmy Kennedy. French lyrics and music by Miarka Laparcerie. (c) 1945.
Reached Number 8 in the UK charts on 7 July 1960.

More Than Love. Lyrics and Music by Norman Newell and Ernie Ponticelli. (c) 1966.
Reached Number 14 in the UK charts on 4 August 1966.

Promises. Lyrics by Norman Newell. Music by Tom Springfield. (c) 1946.
Reached Number 6 in the UK charts on 12 May 1966.

Still. Lyrics and music by Bill Anderson. (c) 1963.
Reached Number 35 in the UK charts on 29 August 1963.

Tears. Lyrics by Frank Capano. Music by Billy Uhr. (c) 1930.
Reached Number 1 in the UK charts on 2 September 1965.

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