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27 March 2011

Dance Away (1979)

This week I have mostly been listening to...

Roxy Music

I picked up 4 Roxy Music vinyl singles recently and once again, I've been enjoying them far more than I really should. The singles are: Dance Away / Cry Cry Cry (1979); The Same Old Scene / Lover (1980); Oh Yeah / South Downs (1980); More Than This / India (1982).

I was never really into the band the first time round. I'm not sure why, but I'm guessing that it was because it was 'old man' music. In those days I wanted something with a bit more flair... something a little more Toyah... or Adam and the Ants. Poor old Mr Ferry didn't get a look in. Thankfully, I can now redress the balance.

It's still old man music, but I find I don't really care anymore. In fact: It's great! You have to admire the way that they effortlessly blend in and out of genres. For me... these guys are the Pulp of the 80s.

If I had to recommend one song it would be...

Dance Away

You can almost imagine bored housewives doing the handbag shuffle to this one. This bitter-sweet love song hooks you then strips off midway through to bare its Disco knickers. And doesn't it feel good! Aah... get me another Carling Black Label...

And the B-Side is a cracker too. This time the guys are banging out a bit of camp rock with Cry Cry Cry. Beautiful!

On the Triple-B I'm going to celebrate with 9 Bloody Marys! Get in there!

And here's the man himself... Mr Jarvis Cocker...

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