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22 March 2011

The Hills Have Eyes (2006)

Between 1945 and 1962 the United States conducted 331 atmospheric nuclear tests.

Today, the Government still denies the genetic effects caused by the radioactive fallout ...

The Hills Have Eyes is the true story of the American Government's nuclear test programme and its horrific results.

Actually, that statement is not entirely true...

I picked this DVD up yesterday thinking that it was the original '77 film. The packaging looked fairly modern, but I've been fooled by that before. Imagine my surprise when I discovered that this was in fact a remake. Or is it 'reimagining'? I don't bloody know!

Actually, it's not a bad little film. I kind of liked the retro feel. And I know it's not a comedy, but I was having a bit of a chuckle to myself over the state of some of the mutants.

I can't remember ever seeing the original so I don't know how true the remake is to it. The plot is fairly straightforward; A family on their way to California cuts across the Nevada desert only to get ambushed by hungry mutants. People die and things are looking grim for a while. More people die and it's still looking grim. And then the worm turns and, well, you'd better watch it yourself to find out what happens next.

This is a horror with one or two shocks, but actually it's not that jumpy a ride. It kept me interested all the way through and I'm not one for horror films per se.

I liked the desert setting and particularly the discovery of the test town towards the end. I don't know, but I wouldn't have locked the dog in the car to go off exploring! Mind you, the guy did lots of things that I wouldn't have done. Aren't I a wimp! But who in their right mind goes wandering into a dark mine with only a baseball bat? I ask you!

All in all, I think The Hills Have Eyes 2006 is worth a watch. If inbred mutants are your thing then you could do far worse than start here. On the Triple-B I'm going to gut the dog with a deformed 6.

And remember... this is the film that the American Government don't want you to watch! It's based upon a true story! This may be my last post...

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