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30 March 2011

Mutants (2008)

Inspired by my recent viewing of The Hills Have Eyes, I went hunting for real Mutants at the weekend with my boy. They're surprisingly hard to find... even in East Yorkshire. Ha, ha... I'm only kidding!

Actually, I'm having a bit of a mutant moment and it's all by lucky happenstance. The Hills Have Eyes was an impulse buy. Tonight's film... Mutants... was inspired by a review I read on cyber-buddy Joel's blog the other week.

Mutants is a fairly new film by my standards. It's French. It's about Mutants. It's post apocalyptic. It's actually quite good.

The star of the show is Sonia Duprey, played by Hélène De Fougerolles. And if you don't know who she is, well, you're in the same boat as me. But she's great! It turns out that she was an ambulance medic before the Apocalypse and the film starts up with her, her partner Marco and a crazy army chick bombing along a mountain road in a beaten up ambulance. They're tending to someone in the back when all of a sudden the army lady realised he's infected. Well it's nothing that a couple of bullets can't sort out!

Fast forward a bit and Sonia and Marco are alone, stranded up in the mountains in what looks like an abandoned hospital. Only get this... Marco's infected. Bummer!

Thankfully it's snowing, so at least I'm happy.

There's lots to like with this film: The Mutants are very zombie-like... from a distance. They run, wail, and spit blood like crazy people. Marco's transformation is nicely done. It's only when you get up close that you realise that the Mutants have got four nostrils. Don't ask me what that's all about.

I liked the music if you can call it music. When things start to get a bit heated in the hospital I suddenly realised that the background tune was sombody banging the hell out a drum kit. It works really well.

The plot's fairly good by post apocalyptic standards, but there is a fairly obvious twist at the end. You know what... I'm going to overlook it. Everything's fine here... move along...

Over all, I'm thinking that I quite enjoyed the ride. The film's got faults, but generally it gets a lot of things right. On the Triple-B I'm going to switch on all the lights in the building with a loud 6 and then wonder how all the local Mutants found me. Dur!


  1. i dug the review....
    i'm breathing a sigh of relief that you enjoyed it....!

    i posted a link to your blog, also, on a recent post....
    hopefully by us both doing this, we'll get some new readers....


  2. Yeah - I noticed the link Joel... many thanks for that. And I'm glad you liked the review. I'm now wondering whether I should invest in [Rec]...