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24 April 2011

A Taste of Devonport

Well, it had to happen eventually... the countdown begins to going home. One week to go until we depart. This is the last day in Auckland before heading down to Lake Taupo and by all accounts some pretty miserable weather! Oh dear! I've run out of books and we won't have access to the internet... I guess there's going to be a lot of time spent in the pool.

23 April 2011

A Taste of Long Bay

Yes... more random photos from New Zealand. This time from a short stint up the coast to Long Bay.

Empire of the Ants (1991)

I've only got one word to say about Empire of the Ants by Bernard Werber: Pure Genius!

21 April 2011

A Taste of Waiwera

More random photos. This time North of Auckland... Didn't get much further than Waiwera. Here are some photos from that and I've also chucked in a few unrelated ones too...

A Taste of Auckland Zoo

I'm struggling to keep up with myself... More random photos from NZ. This time of yesterday's trip to the Auckland Zoo.

20 April 2011

A Taste of One Tree Hill

More random photos from New Zealand. This time from one of my all-time favourite places... Maungakiekie... aka One Tree Hill.

19 April 2011

Dead Sea (2007)

I held off buying any of Brian Keene's books for a long time. I wasn't convinced that I was going to like them. It all stems from a bad encounter I had with a David Wellington novel by the name of "Monster Island" which quite frankly is a strong contender for the worst book I've ever had the misfortune of reading. The thing is... Keene and Wellington often appear in the same top ten zombie book lists that pepper the internet. Could they possibly be as bad as each other?

16 April 2011

A Taste of Auckland Museum

I have yet more random photos. This time, ones accumulated on today's trip to the Auckland Museum.

Girl with Moko
Porcelain Plate by Piero Fornasetti

14 April 2011

A Taste of Rangitoto

Following on from my last load of random photos from New Zealand... I'm pleased to announce that I have more!

This gallery chronicles today's adventure to the lava flows of Rangitoto.

12 April 2011

A Taste of New Zealand

After a fun-packed day out and about in Auckland I've put together a collection of completely random photos for you. I promise to give you the Kiwi, the whole Kiwi, and nothing but the Kiwi...

11 April 2011

28 Days Later (2002)

As I write this, I'm at 32,000 feet traveling at precisely 612 miles an hour. It's -45.4°F outside and I'm 4154 miles from Los Angeles. Can you guess what I'm doing?

Thanks to Air New Zealand I've just been enjoying the British national treasure that is 28 Days Later. I wasn't expecting this film to be on the viewing list! Lucky me! I've been meaning to rewatch it for a while. Let's get down to business...

6 April 2011

A Scanner Darkly (2006)

You will remember a while back that I talked a bit about Philip K Dick and a collection of short stories I'd read by him. Well, as if my magic, he's back! This time, I've been watching a film version of his novel A Scanner Darkly.

4 April 2011

Pen Cap Chew (2011)

Today we are joined by Adam Winship, founding member of York band Pen Cap Chew.

2 April 2011

Sheet Music - "More Broadway"

This is an encore of sorts. My last post on this theme was a popular one, so here is another. I just bought a bundle of sheet music... one of those purchases where you haven't got a clue what might be included. I got lucky - there were some real gems in there. Here are some of my favourite pieces.