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11 April 2011

28 Days Later (2002)

As I write this, I'm at 32,000 feet traveling at precisely 612 miles an hour. It's -45.4°F outside and I'm 4154 miles from Los Angeles. Can you guess what I'm doing?

Thanks to Air New Zealand I've just been enjoying the British national treasure that is 28 Days Later. I wasn't expecting this film to be on the viewing list! Lucky me! I've been meaning to rewatch it for a while. Let's get down to business...

What is it with Eco-warriors? Bloody idealistic half-wits! 28 Days Later begins with yet another cock-up by these well-intentioned idiots. This time they've only gone and set free a load of monkeys infected with the Rage virus! Can you believe it! Will they ever learn?

If you can get past the naff intro with the fugly dude (David Schneider), there is a lot to like about Danny Boyle's masterpiece. The eerie shots of a deserted London immediately put you in an apocalyptic frame if mind. And for me, it's all a little bit Day of the Triffids, albeit with a modern touch as Cillian Murphy shows off his doo-dads.

For those who care, we're not talking zombies here, but the Infected. There's a big difference... you'll have to trust me on this one. These guys sprint, leap, roar, vomit blood, and basically do all of the things we love. Oh yeah, and they're angry... I mean really angry! Bad news for all concerned! Can you tell that I'm enjoying myself?

The music is great and the story rolls along nicely. Let's see if I can remember a few key moments. Well what about when they go into the tunnel! That had me squirming. And how about the wave of rats? Oh, and what about the eye-drop scene... that was just beautiful!

For me, the only thing that dulls the shine of this film is the acting. It starts off a bit variable, but thankfully it does improve as the film progresses. Cillian is by far the best of the bunch. And as for Eccleston... I know you read this blog Chris... What were you thinking with that accent?

[Update: Being the jet-lagged zombie that I am at the moment, I completely forgot to mention the plot! Well... virus unleashed... chaos... survivors... shit and disaster... fewer survivors. Is that enough of a hint? Ha ha... go watch it yourself!]

On the Triple-B I have a quandary: Should I take 8 Valium and sleep out in the open tonight? Should I heckers like! My advice is to buy this DVD and hole up instead. No candles though... it only attracts them...

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