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3 May 2011

A Taste of Lake Taupo

My final random set of photos from New Zealand concludes with a set from Lake Taupo.

Bonus point if anyone can name the cafe where the zombie salt and pepper shakers were snapped...

NZ Herald: Gale-Force Fury
"Tornadoes, floods, power-cuts
and destruction as storms
lash North Island"

Glossary of Maori words
which commonly form part of place names

Arty Kiwi Words

Lake Taupo, New Zealand
"The Year Round Playground"

Sunset over Lake Taupo
from Two Mile Bay

Lancewood (Horoeka)
"The 'fierce' lancewood is rare but can be
found in lowland forest throughout NZ"

Maori wood painting

Telecom NZ

To Avoid Collision

Thermal Wonderland
Artist's Palette
"The large steaming hot spring to the
right is the Champagne Pool

Zombie Salt and Pepper Shakers?

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