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22 May 2011

The Warriors (1979) - The Gangs

I know... I'm getting obsessed again...

In response to my last post where I reviewed The Warriors, I have been inspired to stick up pictures of some of the gangs that appear in the film. This was harder to do than you might think... I've definitely missed some out...

Post a comment... 1 point per gang that appears in the film that I've missed from the list below. I can think of one obvious one...

The Baseball Furies from The Warriors, Paramount 1979
The Baseball Furies
The Warriors, Paramount 1979
The Warriors
The Turnbull ACs from The Warriors, Paramount 1979
The Turnbull ACs
The Saracens from The Warriors, Paramount 1979
The Saracens
The Rogues from The Warriors, Paramount 1979
The Rogues
The Riffs from The Warriors, Paramount 1979
The Riffs
The Punks from The Warriors, Paramount 1979
The Punks
The Panzers from The Warriors, Paramount 1979
NOT The Panzers
The Orphans from The Warriors, Paramount 1979
The Orphans
The Lizzies from The Warriors, Paramount 1979
The Lizzies
The Hurricanes from The Warriors, Paramount 1979
The Hurricanes
The Hi-Hats from The Warriors, Paramount 1979
The Hi-Hats
The Electric Eliminators from The Warriors, Paramount 1979
The Gladiators
The Electric Eliminators from The Warriors, Paramount 1979
The Electric Eliminators
The Boppers from The Warriors, Paramount 1979
The Boppers
The Yuppies from The Warriors, Paramount 1979
The Yuppies 
Update 5-SEP-2011: Okay - Hundreds of views, but not a single comment! So I'll fill a few gaps all by my lonesome...

The Van Cortlandt Rangers
NOT The Moonrunners
Update: 25-Mar-2012: These are The Jupiters
Dunno who these guys are... Any Ideas?
The Moonrunners
Is this guy a Moonrunner too?

Update: Can't get enough of the Warriors? Check out this post for more stills from the film.


  1. Nice, but those aren't actually the moonrunners. The guys with the silver jackets you see during the conclave are.

  2. Good catch my Anonymous friend! I've updated the post to correct this schoolboy error. As your prize I've stuck up a blurry picture of the back of a Moonrunner complete with patch. Do you think the picture below it is one of the Moonrunners?
    Thanks for posting!

  3. Yea it is! XD ...They just don't have their silver jackets on. You can tell it's them by the moon necklaces! ...ha yourself a warriors fan :P

  4. Oh Barry! What a can of worms! Thanks for showing me the error of my ways! You must have better eyes than me mate, cause I can't see any moon necklaces in any of the photos.

  5. Have to say, I'm delighted I found this site!

    I've been looking for as much information on the film as possible as I'm using it for a presentation in college (Had to choose a film set in a city, then explain how the real life city influences the narrative) and it's quite difficult to find some nice stills of the film to present. Your site has helped quite a bit, so thank you very much :)

    Lisa (Also obsessed with The Warriors - love it)

  6. College sounds like a fun place Lisa! I'm glad you found what you were looking for. Thanks for taking the time to comment and good luck with your presentation! If you're feeling brave I'd be more than happy to post your presentation up here on the blog... I'd love to see it, and I'm sure plenty of other people would love to see it too...

  7. THANKFULLY it won't be recorded (as I'm very bashful when it comes to public speaking) but I will let you know if I get a good grade for it, with credit due to your blog of course!

    Thanks again buddy!


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  9. what is his real name anyway (the first pic the baseball furry) ive tried to find out..and THANK U SO MUCH for this site its been a delight!

  10. Thanks for taking the time to comment Christy. Glad you enjoyed your visit. Do come again!

    I'm pretty certain that the Furies leader was played by a guy called Jerry Hewitt. I think he's more famous for his stunt work than his acting... but he did a pretty good job here with the baseball bat!

  11. The Guys in the purple mesh vests are the Jupiters.

    Rockstar games wrongly identified 2 gangs. The panzers are the white Nazi gang who are seen briefly at the conclave. The vertical balack and yellow striped jersey gang which they called the jones street boys are actually the Sports (theres 2 shots of them in the film where you can see "sport" written on their back.

  12. Now you're talking Anonymous! You sound like you know what you're talking about! I'll review and see if I can fix. Thanks for the comment. Do you reckon I'll ever get it right?

  13. It's been over 30 years and I don't think we'll ever identify all the gangs. Too many people take the game facts as gospel and will argue that they are right (even though they arn't). Just before Cyrus makes his entrance, there's a blonde guy in the foreground wearing a german ww2 uniform. Thats a member of the Panzers. The gang that wears all purple with purple skull cap are the italian gang the Knockdowns. The ones in grey t-shirt, Green vests and flat caps are the irish gang the Gerrards. When Luther is about to shoot fox and the cops turn the lights on; the twop guys standing each side of fox, seconds before everyone starts running are the Alleycats (you can just make out the patch on the back of the one on the right of the screen (I originally thought it was the guys in the leopard print jumpsuits).
    Download the original script from to get a better idea who the Sports are.

  14. I think you're right there about identifying them all! Seems like an impossible task. I didn't realize that you could get hold of the original script - just hadn't thought about it. I'm definitely going to try and track that down. Thanks for the tip! It looks like I've got more homework to do! :-P Thanks for posting mate!

  15. Yes he is, but the thing is that at the gangs meeting they were all mixed up. Thats how The Fox got accused fore shooting Cyrus bcause he was too far from his group.

  16. My old buddy Rob Ager

    has recently put the film under the microscope here -

  17. That's a great review Daz. Puts mine to shame. I love that opening quote from Walter Hill: "So many movies are reviewed off their intentions, and noble intentions are fine, but I think that's an easy version. I think criticism is not without the overtones of what we now call political correctness, but I think in the end that it's probably irritating for the moment, but at the same time, I don't think it has any lasting impact. Somebody once said, you have to wait twenty years before you can tell if a movie's any good or not so that's probably true."

    I'm pretty sure that I won't have to wait 20 years to give you my verdict on Robogeisha.