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21 May 2011

The Warriors (1979)

"Warriors... Come out to play-e-ay!"
I thought everybody had seen the classic that is the Warriors. Apparently not. I discovered last night that my Mrs hasn't. All these years and I never knew! What other guilty secrets is she hiding? Well, last night I gave her the chance to rectify this serious problem... and she declined. Oh well... more work required... ha ha.

Let's get down to it Boppers...

The film opens as rival street gangs are assembling at a rally in New York City called by the notorious Gramercy Riffs. The call is for unity against the Police. Attending are 9 delegates from Coney Island's Warriors. They are weapon-free... off their turf... and resplendent in gang colours.

Can you dig it?

Only, get this... Cyrus, leader of the Riffs gets shot and the unlucky Warriors are framed for his killing. As Police swoop on the rally and chaos ensues, the Warriors escape. But every gang in New York is after them! Can they get back home to Coney Island? Oh dear! Can they even survive the night?

The Warriors has an almost mythical feel to it and the plot plays like an epic journey. Are the Warriors up to the challenge? Of course they are! I won't say that there are any real surprises hiding away in the story - you pretty much know what you're going to get from this film - but the thing is that it doesn't disappoint... right up to the end. The script is based upon a 1965 book by Sol Yurik, but I haven't read it, so I won't be telling you anything about that!

I really rate the film-making. You have to view it in the context of when it was filmed, but even taking that into consideration, there's some real innovative stuff going on. And the Ultimate Edition DVD has some new comic book freeze-frames between key scenes which look great! It's a nice update to the film.

[Update: The Ultimate Director's Edition DVD seems to have caused all sorts of uproar with Warriors purists. They don't like the freeze-frames. Sod them I say! Get with it people!]

The universe of the film has a real charm to it. I particularly like the general setting in 70s New York all centered around the Subway. The stylised gangs are a nice touch. Check out the Baseball Furies for a feel of what to expect. This is great stuff!

Music plays a big part in this film; The gangs are kept informed of the Warriors' progress by a toothy DJ on the local radio station. You only ever see her mouth. Hunt down the soundtrack for some retro fun. The best tune is a recurring theme that's a sort of Donna Summer Disco number with razor blades. The worst is Joe Walsh's terrible 'In The City', but even this fits the moment.

So have you got the message yet? I love this film... and you will too!

On the Triple-B, I'm going to parlay with the Orphans and negotiate safe passage for 9 Warriors through their turf. And if I'm lucky, I might just pull a bird on the way! Buy, Buy, Buy!

Update: Can't get enough of the Warriors. Check out this post for more stills from the film. Or perhaps try this post instead.


  1. got it today!! SO HAPPY!!!!!! And loving it!

  2. Sounding good Christy! Sounding very good! Hope it meets expectations! If you want to do your very own Triple-B review then just shout and I'll be more than happy to post it up. Would love to hear what you thought of it!

  3. i loved the comicbook theme!, i cant believed somebody actually dissaproved. And the ACs would have been a little more convencing if they werent riding a "short" bus ;)

  4. I hadn't heard of the term short bus. But thanks to google I now know what you're talking about. lol. Yeah it's maybe a bit unfortunate for the ACs... special transport for special people...