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11 July 2011

The Hills Have Eyes 2 (2007)

Regular readers of this blog will remember when I waxed lyrical about The Hills Have Eyes a couple of months back. I'd been tricked into buying the remake, but actually I was pleasantly surprised to discover that it's a pretty good remake! That started my sub-passion for Mutants... something I'm still trying to work out of my system. Yes, I'm very easily led!

Mongo works at the Car Boot, 20th Century Fox 2007

Well what do you know... Wes Craven made a sequel to the remake; the aptly entitled: The Hills Have Eyes 2. I spied it at my local car boot. And would you believe it, I was served by one of the original cast members! Wow! What are the odds of that? If only I'd had my crossbow with me!

As an aside: I became the proud owner of the original version of the film at the weekend. So expect a post on this sometime in the future.

Back to the film...

Eyes 2 picks up where Eyes 1 left off. We're returned to the secret military area known as Sector 16, deep in the Yuma Flats, New Mexico. All that's known of this sorry place is that it was the location of nuclear tests... oh yeah, and it's home to a colony of mutants...

Useless rookies in The Hills Have Eyes 2, 20th Century Fox 2007

This time however, it isn't waylaid tourists that are caught up in the mess, but a bunch of dumbass American troops. Fresh from flunking out of basic training a small platoon of greenhorn troops are sent to drop off supplies in Sector 16 only to find themselves caught up in mutant madness. Will the troops pull together and prove to their hard-headed sergeant that they're made of the right stuff? You can kind of guess where this is heading without me having to spell it out for you. Can't you?

I see that Wes has felt the need to express his admiration "for the men and women of the United States Armed Forces" in the credits. I guess he must have been worried about public backlash over his portrayal of the incompetent soldiers. He should have maybe followed it up with a: "no mutants were hurt in the making of this film."

That way he could have covered all bases!

Lovely toe-nails in The Hills Have Eyes 2, 20th Century Fox 2007

Talking of mutants...

The mutants are as ugly as ever. We already discovered in Eyes 1 that they had a liking for the ladies, but in Eyes 2 we learn of their cruel intention to rebuild their dwindling numbers by capturing and breeding with any non-mutants they can lay their filthy hands on. The opening of the film is particularly horrible as we see one poor unfortunate captive giving birth. Ooh! Yuck! It's enough to put you off your cornflakes.

It's not looking good in The Hills Have Eyes 2, 20th Century Fox 2007

In Eyes 2 we've got a lot of the elements of the first film at play, which is good. I love the location. What I wouldn't give to spend some time in the dusty desert, living off scorpions and sleeping with the rattlesnakes. Unfortunately this time round, a lot of the action takes place underground. I don't know, but I didn't find it as effective. I got a bit fed up with squinting in the darkness. There comes a point where every mutant-shaped rock starts to look the same to me.

It's behind you! in The Hills Have Eyes 2, 20th Century Fox 2007

Right - I'm going to close this baby off...

The acting isn't too bad. I've seen far worse. The story's okay. The blood and guts are frequent and plentiful. Yeah, it's worth a watch.

On the Triple-B I'm going to steal 5 sticks of dynamite and you'd better pray that I know what I'm doing!

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