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23 September 2011

Sheet Music - "Shellac Sisters"

Here we go... some more sheet music covers for your viewing pleasure.

The inspiration for tonight's selection are my new favourite girl group: The Shellac Sisters. I say girl group, but maybe it should be turntablists? Whatever.

According to the official website, the Shellac Sisters are "four glamorous retrochics spinning vintage 78s on wind-up gramophones."

I've been known to spin a little shellac myself you know... but only in private...


The Three in Harmony

There's Rain in my Eyes
Milton Ager, Joe McCarthy,
Jean Schwartz
(c) 1938

The Andrews Sisters

That's the Moon, My Son
Art Kassel, Sammy Gallop,
Norman Litman
(c) 1942

Pat Taylor

Eddie Cherkose,
Jacques Press
(c) 1942

Irene Dunne

You Couldn't Be Cuter
Jerome Kern,
Dorothy Fields
(c) 1938

Lind Joyce

A Little Bit More Besides
Desmond O'Connor,
Hugh Charles
(c) 1947

Gwladys Stanley

Jolly Good Company
(La-di-da-di-da -
Raymond Wallace
(c) 1931

Eve Becke

I Hadn't Anyone Till You
Ray Noble
(c) 1938

Bebe Daniels

There'll Be Blue Birds Over
The White Cliffs of Dover
Nat Burton, Walter Kent
(c) 1941

Anne Shelton

Lay Down Your Arms
(And Surrender to Mine)
(c) 1955

Avril Angers

Enjoy Yourself
(It's Later than you Think)
Herb Magidson,
Carl Sigman
(c) 1948

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