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5 September 2011

The Warriors (1979) - Reprise

It seems that there a lot of people out there in Internet-land who like the Warriors as much as I do. So, in honour of you all and the film itself, I'm posting a few more stills.

If you haven't already done so, be sure to check out my review of the Warriors and my rundown of the gangs in the Warriors.

Here we go!

Cleon - The Warriors War Chief
The Baseball Furies
Masai takes charge of the Gramercy Riffs
The Warriors
Masai gets a word in his shell-like
Mercy is desperate to dump the Orphans
The Radio DJ keeps track of the Warriors
Cochise realises that the Lizzies have got a sting
The Baseball Furies tool-up for a rumble with the Warriors


  1. I do indeed love this film as much as you do!

  2. Your love was never in question StoobyDoo!

    I just discovered that "the Crazy Homicides" was the name of the real-life gang in Coney Island at the time the Warriors was filmed. Apparently they had to protect the actors during filming because the Homicides didn't want anyone on their turf wearing another gang's colours... even if it was made up!

  3. I will never forget when i first saw the Warriors in the movies. My future wife and I were there and I had an uneasy feeling during the movie. I didn't know why until we got up to leave. When we turned around there were about 30 members of the Outlaws motorcycle gang behind us. At least they were not looking for any trouble so it was really a non event, but after watching the movie, it made us a little un easy.

  4. Ha ha. Sounds like you had a close shave! What a cool film to take a future wife to! I took mine to Arachnophobia