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30 September 2011

Yusaku Hanakuma - Zombie Highway (2009)

I'm so excited I can hardly type.

I've been dying to share this with you for ages.

A couple of months ago I went hunting for a Yusaku Hanakuma t-shirt on the internet. I couldn't find one anywhere. Well that's not strictly true... they sell them in Japan. But I still haven't managed to find anyone selling them in Europe. Post a comment if you know better!

In my extensive searches I just happened across the "Arts Factory" website. Arts Factory is a French shop selling a limited edition print run of a picture by Yusaku Hanakuma called Zombie Highway.

I bought one!

I wanted to get it framed before I shared a picture.

Here it is...

Yusaku Hanakuma - Zombie Highway

The picture is 60 by 40cm and 500 copies were printed. I've got #180.

Unfortunately, I don't have anywhere to hang it.

So what's the verdict been in the King Uke household?

My boy says he hates it... but he can be like that. For a bit of fun I pointed at Afro and asked him if he knew who he was.
Boy Uke: "Is it that man who invented the Moon Walk?"
King Uke: "Michael Jackson?"
Boy Uke: "Yes, Michael Jackson"
King Uke: "No."
Of course, you and I both know that Michael Jackson didn't invent the Moon Walk.

I asked the Mrs what she thought...
Moma Uke: "People will think we've framed one of the kids' pictures."
So it appears I stand alone.

I think it's great!

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  1. RE:
    "Moma Uke: "People will think we've framed one of the kids' pictures."

    Looks like I have someone who would agree with my review of the book on Amazon.-)

  2. Yes, I'm afraid so Daz. Heta-uma appears to be an acquired taste. I don't care. It pleases me and that's all that matters :-P