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31 December 2011

Graphic Novel - "King for a Day"

I've been busy over the Christmas break creating snippets of Sin City-style comic art. I had been adding them to the bottom of a post I put up a couple of weeks ago but I think that there are enough of them now to warrant their own post. If I do more, I'll add them in - so check back!

Here we have what looks like the start of a graphic novel called "King for a Day". Don't ask me where it's going...

(Remember that this all started when I spotted a group on Google+ called Sin City Photogs, who use the #SinCityPhotogs tag.)

"All he had to do was wait..."

"You do love me don't you Uke..."

"Out of bounds..."

"That familiar sinking feeling..."

"Loose ends..."

"Some cards aren't welcome any time of the year..."

"It sounded expensive... and French..."

"Come on in..."

"You never know who's watching..."

"One in the hole..."

"Death on wheels..."

"What's your poison..."


"Authorized personnel only..."

"Catastrophe Theory..."

"Ever feel like you already know too much..."

"Someone's going to pay for this..."


"Nerves were getting the better of me..."

"I used to be like you..."

"The full two barrels..."

"I got your back..."

"So why are you called the Headhunters..."

"Two turntables and a microphone..."


"Black Death..."

"Jack the Ripper..."


"Snake eyes watching you..."

"Shoot to kill..."

"Run like a mother..."

"Rockin' Out..."

"Oh shit..."

This is NOT the way it ends!
[Credit to ilovetocreateblog for the background]


  1. Well here are a few syncs that I can relate to here from my own life.
    The Headhunters at the big Swedish furniture company that I have worked for for 24+ years have just shown me the exit door of their big blue prison via a redundancy offer,along with a bunch of other fine fork lift drivers,which gives me about 6 months to find another way to pay off my mortgage.
    I should feel depressed about this situation,but oddly I feel a sense of freedom (which is the name of the company right next door to that big shit-pile funnily enough),like I really have been released for prison.
    So I am in deep water,and I still have loose ends to tidy up on Monday with these Swedish M#therF#@%ers about my payout figure and just when I can officially be released from the prison. I hope they pay me out the five weeks notice and let me walk away,because they won't get much productive work from me for the rest of my time.

  2. Re: "..released for prison"

    That should have been released from prison...let's not hope that was a Freudian slip .-)

    Love the goldfish in a bowl,the black VW (I have a model of one on my computer desk to remind me what a cleaver marketing stagey VW used in the 60's/70's to turn Hitler's car into the "Love Bug" and the vehicle of choice for Hippies)
    and the red casino dice showing 'snake eyes' (which I also have on my desk also).
    Odd stuff indeed.

  3. Re: "...what a cleaver"

    That of course should be clever not cleaver.
    I better stop writing now before the Minority Report thought police kick down my front door to arrest me for crimes that I haven't yet

  4. Really sorry to hear about the job situation Daz. Now the pieces are starting to slot into place for me. Been here myself. I know it's easy to say, but don't get angry... stay positive and start ringing up some agencies...