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4 December 2011

Pen Cap Chew - Sunshine and Rain (2011)

"Sunshine and Rain" was Pen Can Chew's fourth single off the as yet unreleased Dream Theatre album. It's a little bit different to what we have come to expect. Here is a sort of scrapbook to commemorate the release:

A Side: Sunshine and Rain

"Sunshine and Rain is the A-Side of Pen Cap Chew's 4th single. It's an ambitious original song stolen from the yet to be released Dream Theatre album. Being equal parts silence and noise, happiness and sadness, sunshine and rain, this song may not be to all tastes. But if you like your guitar to blow like a hurricane...."

B Side: Goin' Blind

"Here we have the B Side to the 4th "Sunshine and Rain" Single. The song is a cover... a vaguely familiar rendition of Goin' Blind. The guitars are a one-take jam; The vocals a quick demo that I stuck with. It's rough... just the way I like it!"

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