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30 January 2012

FEED (2010)

I'll keep this brief. I don't usually do this to you but I'm sorry to say that I'm giving up on another book. View this post as a warning...

The book in question is FEED by Mira Grant.

I don't know if I'm just being a miserable git, but I couldn't get into it. I've been trying to read it for about 2 months now only to get 275 pages into 574. I wanted to give up after the first couple of chapters, but I persevered in the hope that it might improve. It hasn't... I can't bear it any more!

Here's what I know...

It's 2039 and the zombie apocalypse happened ages ago. FEED follows the trials and tribulations of 3 bloggers as they get to report on the Presidential campaign. It's Buffy meets the West Wing.

And that's all I know... and care to know.


On the Triple-B I'll award 1 prize to anyone who can tell me why Mira felt the need to include zombies in this story. No... scrub that... I don't actually care...

Bah... humbug!

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