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27 January 2012

New Model Army

This week I have mostly been listening to...

New Model Army

I picked up the vinyl 12 Inch of Great Expectations this week. I'm pretty certain that I used to have it. If I remember correctly it was released to cash in on the success of the Thunder & Consolation album of 1989. The songs are some of the first ever recorded by the dream team line-up of Justin Sullivan, Stuart Morrow and Rob Heaton (RIP).

A-side: Great Expectations; Waiting
B-side: Bitter Sweet; Bettcha; Tension

It's got some classic songs on it that have since been bundled in all sorts of other offerings and I guess it was really aimed at the purists.

I haven't actually cleaned it up yet and had a listen, but the simple act of buying it has prompted me to dust off a couple of other 12 inches I bought about 6 months ago. I've been listening to them a lot this week... at volume...

A-side: White Coats (Full Length Version)
B-side: The Charge; Chinese Whispers; My Country (Live)

One is the White Coats 12 Inch. I never actually owned this record the first time round, but White Coats was always a favourite of mine back in the day. The Boys often played it live... the intro alone was enough to get me up dancing. Those were the days! This was the song that prompted me to invent moshing at the Reading Festival in '89. I think it was me anyway ;-)

The other is The Price 12 Inch. This one was released in 1984.

A-side: The Price; 1984
B-side: No Man's Land; Great Expectations; Notice Me

If I had to recommend one song it would be...

The Price

This song is a classic! It opens with a roll of thunder and then immediately you're immersed in the angst of a maddening stamping drum beat with 100 miles an hour of angry bass. I love it! Justin's at his best with some heart-felt lyrics and the trio effortlessly hand off to each other in a beautiful arrangement. It's adrenalin streamed to you at a steady 45 rpm. Aaaaaaggggghhhhhh!!!

If only I knew where my clogs were!

If you were in or around Bradford at the time that NMA burst onto the scene then you'll know exactly what I'm talking about. For those of you who weren't, try and get your hands on a couple of these very early tracks and you'll wonder how you survived without them!

If you want a few more recommendations from the records mentioned above then check out the rip-snorting Great Expectations and No Man's Land. Beautiful! And if you want some of the more commercial numbers from this era then dig out No Rest, Poison Street and Stupid Questions.

Justin's still going today if you've got the bug. There is a lot more newer stuff available, but for me it's the old stuff that hits the spot.

And if you run into Justin on your travels, be sure to tell him that King Uke was asking after him...

New Model Army

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