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4 February 2012

Star Trek: Motion Picture Trilogy (2010)

I didn't want to buy this comic, but it was there and I had a few quid to burn.

Zombie Spock? Live long and prosper...
Star Trek: Motion Picture Trilogy, CBS 2010

There is something that is unspeakably geeky about Star Trek. I used to love it. I loved the original series, now refered to as 'TOS'. I loved all of the films. However, my interest started to wain by the time the Next Generation came along. And surely I can't be the only person who felt that watching Deep Space Nine was like wading through treacle? I was saved from the brink by Voyager, but the euphoria was short-lived and by the time Enterprise came along I had well and truly switched off from the whole franchise.

I guess, looking back, it was the original cast more than anything that hooked me. They worked well together. And you have to admit that there is something special about geriatrics saving the Earth. Pity the fool who thinks that Children are our future!

So you'll know that I was underwhelmed when I came across a comic called "Star Trek: Motion Picture Trilogy" in a charity shop earlier on this week.

You'll be surprised to learn that I bought it...

I figured that it could sit on my shelf for a couple of years and I might get round to it at some time in the future when I was bored. I forgot my game plan and made the mistake of starting to read it a couple of nights ago and I haven't been able to put it down since! I've just finished it!

What's that all about?

"Maybe you guys like Italian food?"
Star Trek: Motion Picture Trilogy, CBS 2010

The comic is a collection of three graphic novels that were obviously originally released to coincide with the release of three of the Star Trek films. They've been 'digitally remastered' - whatever that means. Oddly, the trilogy starts with Star Trek 2 "The Wrath of Khan". I guess not enough happened in Star Trek 1 to warrant turning it into a comic. Well, If George Lucas can get away with doing things all out of order, then I guess Star Trek can too...

The Wrath of Khan is the more photo-realistic of the 3 stories. I'm sure I'm going to sound like a know-nothing comic heathen, but to me it looks like the pictures in this first story are air-brushed. It attempts to capture the original cast in a sort of photo-likeness. Some of the pictures look a bit distorted, but on the whole it succeeds; You can tell who's who. Actually, this is my least favourite of the comics.

The Search for Spock
Star Trek: Motion Picture Trilogy, CBS 2010

The next two are Star Trek 3 "The Search for Spock" and Star Trek 4 "The Voyage Home". These are more in line with what you would expect for a hand-drawn comic strip. The crew have been made younger and everything feels a little bit more retro. I wasn't expecting it, but I enjoyed these two a lot more than the first.

So what did I like about this comic book?

"How many fingers?"
Star Trek: Motion Picture Trilogy, CBS 2010

The humour of the films shone through in the stories (especially the second two). All of the chemistry between the characters is captured, and it's fun to see the films repackaged in comic form. It's a surprisingly good transition.

One last thing before I close off...

Don't beat me up about this review... I feel like a complete geek for buying this comic, even more so for reading it, and irredeemably so for enjoying it. I realise that this is not the sort of comic that I should be talking about in public. Surely I'm losing readers by the second! Oh, that it should come to this!

Get over it!

On the Triple-B I'm going to dress up as a Klingon and gatecrash 7 Star Trek conventions. Why 7? Isn't it obvious? Because I'm a geek God-dammit! Got a problem with that you Romulan pig-dog?

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