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25 March 2012

King Uke - Hawai'i 78

I'm still listening to Facing Future, the fantastic album by the late Israel Kamakawiwo'ole. You will remember in my recent review that I praised his haunting version of Hawaii 78. It really is a beautiful version of a beautiful song.

I just had to do my own recording!

My arrangement is pretty true to Iz's version although my playing is nowhere near as intricate and clever as his. I was taken by the history of the song and wanted to add my own mark by creating a new verse. In the end I decided against it feeling that it wasn't my place to do this. Respect to my Hawaiian brothers!

It's worth pointing out that the uke I play in this recording is the very same one that I recently fitted a piezo to. I didn't spend too much time finessing the recording; About all you've got on the track is reverb. I always want to do better, but I'm okay with it.

The singing is nowhere near as good as Iz's, but I'm no singer! Having done the recording I reckon I've got a pretty similar range to the big man. Ironically, I think it was the low bits I had most trouble with. I was expecting it to be the other way around.

And finally, my apologies for the Yorkshire/Hawaiian accent. I tried to hide it, but failed! I hope I got the words right!

You can listen to the song here...

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