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21 April 2012

How to make a Rhythm Ring

Ever wondered what it might be like to have a little percussion with your ukulele songs... but you don't have any friends? It's a common problem. Thankfully it's a problem that can now be solved with... Rhythm Ring!

Rhythm Ring Tm

Rhythm Ring is an American product that has revolutionalised the home-ukulele experience. Rhythm Ring is a small shaker that fits on your finger. As you strum, it rocks along. It really is that simple!

Of course, that would be way too simple for the King Uke School of Rock. As you know, we don't buy anything that we can make ourselves. Rhythm Rings are no exception. Of course, Rhythm Rings have their own patented design. In this post we're going to throw the rule-book out of the window and come up with something a little bit special! Something that in no way infringes patents, copyright or trademarks. Hey... you can't patent having a rockin' great time can you! Can you?

With the help of my ever-helpful daughter I'm going to share with you three different homegrown designs.

First up we have the PeeperShaker. This was made by repurposing a Chillipeeps teat. Chillipeeps teats are "making life a little easier". Yeah... they're also making ukulele rockin' a little easier too! Inside we have lentils and I used a laggy band to hold it on my hand.

Next up we've got the KinderBlaster. This was made by repurposing a Kinder Egg plastic container. Kinder Eggs have been surprising children for years. Well we've got one more surprise for you! This one has pumpkin seeds inside and again a laggy band to hold it on my hand.

The next offering is the Rolleroo. This was my daughter's design. She took an empty plastic container that used to hold rolls of cap-gun caps and covered it with her own picture. Inside we have rice and the master stroke is a one of her rings to hold it on my hand. Unfortunately it only fits my little finger.

And there you have it - a whole heap of fun in a tiny box. If any of you readers out there want to showcase one of your designs then please let me know... I'll happily add it to the bottom of this post. Keep strummin!

Finally... A special thanks to AWOL in Singapore who put me onto this crazy scheme and Liz Quilty in NZ for her fantastic manufacturing advice. If only I'd taken it! Have I ever told you how much I love New Zealand?

Update 06-Apr-2012: Not everyopne appreciated this post... check out my follow up...

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