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17 May 2012

Film-inspired Designer Ukuleles

Every now and again I like to knock together the odd custom ukulele design. It's all just a bit of fun. I usually do it as a tribute to something that has piqued my interest. Today's set is inspired my a few of my favourite films. It all started with Star Wars...

I give my usual disclaimer: these are not real ukuleles! These designs are mainly a mashup of poster or film art. Some are purely a figment of my imagination! I hope you like!

Designer Ukulele - Star Wars - "AT-UKE"

Designer Ukulele - Blade Runner

Designer Ukulele - Enter the Dragon - "龍爭虎鬥"

Designer Ukulele - Clockwork Orange - "La Naranja Mecanica"

Designer Ukulele - Resident Evil

Designer Ukulele - The Warriors


  1. It's funny that I read this post after watching a movie that I bought from called
    "The Greatest Show on Earth".
    I'd been trying to track down this movie for months and the only place I could get it was from Amazon (US).
    I had never watched this movie before and the only reason I bought this movie was because it was Emmet Kelley's only ever movie roll.
    I've done a few posts on my blog about syncs in my life involving Emmet Kelly...and here is another one;about half way through the movie Emmet is seen and heard playing a purple ukulele and the song being sung even mentions ukuleles.
    Love your designs,by the way.
    I'm a big fan of all of those movies,even though "Enter the Dragon" is a bit corny.But I'm a big fan of Bruce Lee,as much as I am of Emmet Kelley.

  2. Cheers Daz. I've just been trying to find out which song Emmet might be playing (I haven't seen the film). I'm guessing that it must be Aloha ʻOe. I've never heard that played on uke before and I'm pretty sure the lyrics don't mention ukes. You've piqued my interest! You know what! This is a sign mate... you've got to get yourself a purple ukulele! Thanks for the comments about the designs... and agree with you on Enter the Dragon and Bruce Lee... Hiyah! ;-)

  3. The song was LOVELY LUAWANA LADY

    Lovely Luawana lady
    When your hopes and dreams go fadey,
    Don't you ever be afraid
    He won't come back to you.

    Lovely Luawana lady,
    Where those ukes and jukes are played,
    He dreams of all the dreams he made
    And longs that they'll come true.

    Ever since he's back there's been no lack of gals
    But gee they're slow
    They don't pack that wicky wack you taught him
    There when the moon was low

    Now ev'ry Susie Sal and Sadie
    Just becomes a mem'ry shady,
    Lovely Luawana lady,
    When he dreams of you.

    © 1951, 1952
    Lyrics & Music: E. Ray Goetz and John Ringling North

    From the Paramount film
    "The Greatest Show on Earth".

  4. Hey, I added your uke walker thing as the icon for this website i just named It's a work in progress. Anyway, let me know if you're ok with it. Right now, if you click on it, it brings you to your blog.

  5. You're the first person to ask Andy! Thank you. Yes - feel free to use it. Your site's looking good. I'll have a proper look round later...

  6. I would love to use your At-Uke design on a deck of customized playing cards for my boyfriend who is and avid uke player and a playing card collector. Would this be ok?

    1. Go for it Vyann. I would love to see some photos of how the cards turn out!

  7. Would you mind if I use that AT-AT image on a shirt? I love it.

    1. Sure thing... As long as you send me a photo ;-)