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18 May 2012

Shapely Designer Ukuleles

I know that I've only just posted some ukulele designs, but I've got a few more up my sleeve. This time it's mainly about the shape. See if you recognise the inspiration for these. If you've got a favourite, why not drop me a comment...

Designer Ukulele - Explorer

Designer Ukulele - Chrome

Designer Ukulele - F-Shape

Designer Ukulele - Goldline

Designer Ukulele - Mando Carlrissian

Designer Ukulele - Ukenbacker

Designer Ukulele - Tribal Uke


  1. Hello. Love the "Designer Ukulele - F-Shape". Is is a real uke? Would love some info on where to buy :-). Cheers...Ginger

    1. Sorry Ginger, none of these ukes are real... yet. I mocked them up just for ideas.

    2. Thanks...and bugger! And now I look properly at the others I see the uniformity of neck and bridge...duh!! Hope you're ideas pan out to creating one day! If/when...let me know via Hobart Ukulele Group's Wordpress site (hug2007)??? Thanks again...Ginger