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27 June 2012

One (2009)

My faith in books has been restored! I’ve just finished reading One, a tale of the Apocalypse by Manchester’s own... Mr Conrad Williams! I haven’t read any of his work before. This recommendation came by way of Angry Brown from his wife. That’s two great tips he’s thrown my way so far. If we get to three then I think I’m going to see if he’ll adopt me.

Author: Conrad Williams

24 June 2012

Stagg US-10 Soprano Ukulele meets UK-2000 Piezo - The Sound Check!!!

I was reminded today about a promise I made quite a few months ago. I said I'd post a review of how my Stagg sounds now that I've got my piezo fitted. Well here it is...

Planet of the Ukes

22 June 2012

We're Number 1

In the month that The Ukulele Blog broke into the top 50 of the Boat Paddle Ukulele Top 50, it also gate-crashed the top 20 of the Top 100 Ukulele Sites.

Top 50 Ukulele Sites

But get this...

I'm pleased to announce that The Ukulele Blog has just reached number 1 in the Top 5 Electric Ukulele Sites!!!

I'm so proud I can hardly type! I feel like Cristiano Ronaldo!

A big thanks to each and every one of you beautiful readers! This couldn't have happened without your loyal support. I wonder if I get a trophy?

16 June 2012

My Gal

I'm still enjoying the music of Flight of the Conchords. So much so, that I've recorded another tribute to them. This time it is a version of Think About It. I rushed it a bit and I think you can tell, but I need to move on, so here you have it.

I'm playing everything and singing. The drums are synthetic. Enjoy...

Another comedy cover. Not my best, but still a worthy addition to the
collection. It's inspired by a Flight of the Conchords number called
Think About It, but you may struggle to recognise it. I've just done
my own thing with the music and I didn't spend too much time
getting the vocals right... I think you can tell ;-P It's a lot longer
than the original, but that was purely because I was getting into
a bit of a groove and got carried away. I'm playing everything
to a synthetic drum track. And there's a shout out to two of my
G+ chums at the end...

15 June 2012

My New Kindle Touch

I’ve previously shared my views with you on Kindles. I wrote a whole post on the merits of the device in January 2011. Don’t tell me that you can’t remember! I wanted to convince myself that I should get one but I failed miserably.

Someone please explain to me why I would want to buy a Kindle...

Well it’s a year and a half later and I’ve only gone and bought myself one! What on Earth could have changed? Let’s see if I can figure it out...

10 June 2012

Tribal Illusions

I get these urges sometimes. Here's a collection of pictures I did on a theme. The theme was "Tribal Illusions" and was inspired by my mate Shankti Oviedo. Let me know what you think...


A Taste of York

These photos are from April this year. I don't know why I didn't share them with you at the time, but I can right that wrong... it is within my powers!

Nobody chops mountains like this guy!
Still my number one guitarist of all time!

How to fit electric ukulele tuners

This is my second 'how to' for today and it was almost a 'how not to'.

Machine Heads... Tuners... Gear Heads
I'm fitting these standard Strat-style tuners to my Electric Uke

For those of you with a worse memory than me, I remind you that earlier today I busted a scratch plate. I left you hanging with the promise of a post on how to fit the tuners. I've done that now and here's how I did it...

How to make an electric ukulele scratch plate

Kingcaster Custom Electric Ukulele

I'm back and I have another update on my electric ukulele build. Most of the shaping has been done and now I'm on to the fiddly bits. In my last post I battled with my demons and fitted the frets. This post is a whole lot more laid back... but this is no time to become complacent! Today I show you how I made the scratch plate.

7 June 2012

Bruce "Jubi" Lee

Here's my celebration of the Jubilee... in the only way I know how...

Would you look at that!

A Taste of London

Here are some holiday snaps from my visit to London this Jubilee week. Like my last lot they're all fairly abstract. See if you can spot where I took them...


A Taste of St Albans

Here are a collection of abstract holiday snaps from my trip to St Albans earlier this week. I had in mind a study of textures - a sort of photo equivalent of ambient music. How did I do?

Roman Coin

Harry Potter Studio Tour 2012

On Monday I was 'Pottered'. For those who don't know... 'Pottered' is the same as fleeced, only your money is taken off you in the name of Harry Potter. It was all done in a good cause; My wife and kids are complete Potterphiles.

King Uke at Warner Brothers

6 June 2012

The Ukulele Festival of Great Britain 2012

Today's post celebrates the fun that was the Ukulele Festival of Great Britain. I dragged my family along kicking and screaming and a great time was had by all! Apologies in advance for the poor photography. I've included as many of the photos as possible, with a few scans interspersed in between. There's no particular order to the pictures. If it's uke-related then it's probably got a mention somewhere below. I've stuck in as many plugs and links as possible. Sorry if I missed anyone. And sorry if I've got any of my facts wrong. Just shout if you want anything fixing...

The Ukulele Festival of Great Britain; Cheltenham; 1st - 3rd of June, 2012
There'll be no festival next year apparently. No details were given. I'm as much
in the dark as you.