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16 June 2012

My Gal

I'm still enjoying the music of Flight of the Conchords. So much so, that I've recorded another tribute to them. This time it is a version of Think About It. I rushed it a bit and I think you can tell, but I need to move on, so here you have it.

I'm playing everything and singing. The drums are synthetic. Enjoy...

Another comedy cover. Not my best, but still a worthy addition to the
collection. It's inspired by a Flight of the Conchords number called
Think About It, but you may struggle to recognise it. I've just done
my own thing with the music and I didn't spend too much time
getting the vocals right... I think you can tell ;-P It's a lot longer
than the original, but that was purely because I was getting into
a bit of a groove and got carried away. I'm playing everything
to a synthetic drum track. And there's a shout out to two of my
G+ chums at the end...


  1. Great song.
    What is wrong with the world today?
    All those fork'n knives on the street,for a start.
    I think we need a "war on knives"
    (and forks),fought with guns.-)

  2. Had another listen and those vocals are bit peaky! Ouch! Ha ha... yes... we need to bring the perpetrators to justice. Maybe we should start by declaring a cutlery amnesty and if the hoods don't listen, then it's time to get medievil!