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10 June 2012

A Taste of York

These photos are from April this year. I don't know why I didn't share them with you at the time, but I can right that wrong... it is within my powers!

Nobody chops mountains like this guy!
Still my number one guitarist of all time!

I love the beauty in this Chinese writing...

Someone is always watching... especially in York... 

In the future everyone will be famous for 15 minutes ~ Andy Warhol, 1965 

Netley's little dilema...

Old-school games at the York Castle Museum.
Do you remember when phones used to have wires? 

This is what I imagine +Tim Shinn's dressing table is like
(yeah I know... Tim would never have a dressing table).
Check out the fantastic ram's head 'thing', but more importantly...
look at the pipe with the hand carving! I WANT!

Killed by Death?

A picture of a banjo I spotted in York Castle Museum.
I don't know what sort it is but I LOVE it!

So, I did a little time today...
at York Castle Prison...

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