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22 June 2012

We're Number 1

In the month that The Ukulele Blog broke into the top 50 of the Boat Paddle Ukulele Top 50, it also gate-crashed the top 20 of the Top 100 Ukulele Sites.

Top 50 Ukulele Sites

But get this...

I'm pleased to announce that The Ukulele Blog has just reached number 1 in the Top 5 Electric Ukulele Sites!!!

I'm so proud I can hardly type! I feel like Cristiano Ronaldo!

A big thanks to each and every one of you beautiful readers! This couldn't have happened without your loyal support. I wonder if I get a trophy?


  1. Congratulations King.
    I guess this means that you really are the King of the electric ukulele sites,now.-)

  2. Ah... maybe. Click on the picture Daz. If you're looking for me... I'll be hiding under my bed... :-S

  3. So...the Emperor wears no clothes.-)

  4. I feel terrible.. this has all got out of hand! How can I possibly make it up to you?