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6 July 2012

50,000th Visitor

We love celebrating here at the Ukulele Blog! Earlier this week we hit an important milestone when we welcomed our 50,000th visitor to the blog! Who'd have thought we'd have lasted this long! Not me!

Having checked the stats I can now reveal the name of the 50,000th visitor. It is none other than our very own Darren from Brisbane! I flew out to Oz on Thursday to present him with a commemorative custom ukulele. What a guy... and what a uke!

Well done Darren. Thanks to you and everyone else who stops by. Your comments are appreciated. Let's see if I can keep the blog going for another month...

Darren from Brisbane is 'stoked' as he receives the coveted
Ukulele Blog Custom Uke


  1. ukelele makes the world go round up,makes go round up..makes....

  2. It certainly does Shankti-man! :-)

  3. Thanks for the award King.
    I've come here all unprepared for this award...but first of all I would just like to start off by thanking God,my parents...for couldn't be here tonight to share this award with me,but they know who they are,I would also like to thank...HEY!!! Stop trying to get me off stage by playing the hurry up music on your uke.
    I'm tip-toeing us fast as I can .-)

  4. That should have been "who" not "for"
    in the above comment.
    I've had too much Champagne...sorry.-)

  5. When prompted for a tune on his new instrument, Daz responded with a resounding...
    The crowd went wild! There was no stopping him from that point onwards...