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29 July 2012

Duelin' Ukes

A quick tune for you. It's me... playing on the Mark VIII Kingcaster! You will remember that this is the first design by the King Uke Ukulele Design Company.

This is dedicated to Daz from Bris... and they said it could never be done!


  1. Wow...I was kind of expecting Daniel to play the guitar riff out of the Bond movies,but hey,Deliverance is OK.
    I was just a tad worried about him being naked.
    You know what them hillbillys are like?
    And you didn't tell me the the Mark VIII was a nuclear powered uke.
    That kind of rules out me ordering one off you through the post.-)

  2. Laughing about the comment above. LOL!

    Great playing and I love the animation. I'm also not opposed to seeing a naked Daniel on my screen. The cleverly placed guitar and other graphics kept it family friendly. Love the explosion at the end!

  3. Ha ha - yep postage is out of the question I'm afraid. If you weren't so far away Daz, I'd simply fire one over to you. I have often thought of doing the Bond theme - you might have just given me the idea I need for showcasing off the new uke! I wonder if I could do it? Rumour has it that Danny has some swimming trunks on under that uke. It's only a rumour though - I guess we'll never know! And yes Lisa - I do try and keep it clean ;-) Kaboom!