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5 August 2012

A Taste of the back garden - Part 2

The rain held off long enough for the kids to tempt me into another impromptu photo shoot.

I think I like these pictures a bit better. I've added some from the kids too. Are you starting to spot their styles?

Big flower

Dusty table football

Gold brick


Spikey flowers

E-Uke snaps King Yolk

E-Uke snaps King Yolk's shoes

J-Uke's intricate artwork

J-Uke bids welcome

Spooky window

E-Uke snaps the pigs

Inside the potato plant!


  1. I think J-Uke's intricate artwork might be in with a show to appear at the 2013 Byron Bay Writer's Festival.

  2. If he starts now, he might just have it finished by then!