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23 August 2012

A Taste of the Hidden Valley

Today I took the family to the Hidden Valley. Despite its name, it was actually quite easy to find. Hidden valley is a sort of adventure trail; You have to wander around searching for clues, and at the end you get to do a Crystal Maze type set of tests. We failed on the final test! Damn!

I have photos for you and looking back, they're all nature shots. This could be my last set from this holiday if the weather forecast is to be believed.

Alien Spore


Blue petals


Ah... Grasshopper

Honey Bee


Water plants

White Flowers


Yellow flower

More yellow flowers


  1. Some of those Blackberries don't look too black to me,and I'm starting to suspect that you have an addiction to blue flowers KU.-)

  2. You spotted that little theme heh! I can't pretend that it's intentional, being colourblind, I only have other people's words for it that they are actually blue...