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26 August 2012

A Taste of Warwick

That's it folks! The holiday is all but over. We're back home safe and sound after a stop-over in Warwick. I have a mixture of pictures for you.. I'm really pleases with this batch. Before you start... yes... I have doctored some of them... But which ones?

Warwick Castle is owned by the Tussauds Group. They bought it in 1978.
I was pleased to find a number of waxworks inside, but none pleased me more than
that of the Queen. But... something was missing...



St Mary's Church, Warwick


Sheer Hell!
too... many... people!

One of Henry the 8th's wives playing a Lute. I spotted something wrong with the
frets, but we'll overlook that. The Bottom part of the picture is a snippet from my
new banjo book. I think I'll post a few more of those separately.

Made in England

Pipe organ

I bought some singles earlier in the week. One was The Police, Spirits
in the Material World with the original poster! The other is a pink glitter
single by Radish called Little Pink Stars. I've never heard of them or the
song, but it has glitter!


Stainglass window


Warwick Castle Battlements