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21 August 2012

The Beast of Bude

WARNING: Some of the pictures in this post are horrible. Stop reading now... dead things!

Artist's Impression of the Beast of Bude

Something strange happened yesterday. I discovered the bizarre phenomenon of supposed monsters washed on beaches. It all started with a post on Google+ that announced the discovery of a strange body found on Seal Beach in California. This all happened in April, so I'm not sure why it should surface now. Someone taking a morning stroll had found a hairless corpse lying on the sand. What on earth was this weird-looking creature?

KTLA5 broke news of a grisly find on Seal Beach, California

I suggested cheekily that it was a baby polar bear and then as sparks began to fly on G+, I hit the road for a fun day out in Bude, Cornwall.  Yesterday evening I just happened to Google Bude and guess what turned up? Would you believe that Bude was the centre of shock in September 2010 when a huge white beast was washed up? Yeah, I know! First thoughts by expert TV journalists was that the hairless corpse was a polar bear! WOAH!!!

Actually, it turned out once "real" experts were involved that the body was that of a cow, bleached and well-chewed from time out at sea.

ITV broke news of a grisly find on Bude Beach, Cornwall

I just had a quick fumble on Google and there are more unexplained beasts out there. The following one has its own wiki page it is so famous! The "Montauk Monster" was found in New York.

The Montauk Independent broke news of a grisly find on
Montauk Beach, New York

Update: I know it's in poor taste, but this really wouldn't be much of a post without a few more photos would it? I'm thinking I've found the maritime version of roadkill here...

Grisly find on Brooklyn Bridge beach, New York - Jul 2012

Grisly find on San Diego beach, California - Jan 2012

Grisly find on Folly Beach, South Carolina - Mar 2012

Not-so-grisly find on a Brighton beach - Jun 2011
This 6 foot lego man floated in from the Channel. 8 foot versions
have also appeared in Sarasota, Florida and Zandvoort, Netherlands.

And finally...

Grisly find on Brisbane beach, This morning 2012
Hold on a second! That Dingo's still alive!

Update: I've uncovered a picture of the Beast of Bude!

The Beast of Bude!

Update 28-Aug-2012: I thought nothing of it at the time, but given the kerfuffle on the news yesterday, I now feel duty bound to show you just one more holiday snap from Exeter...

Exeter woman takes "moggies" for walk...
 Update 2-Mar-2013

Grisly find on Tenby beach, Wales - Feb 2013
"The Beast of Tenby"

Update: 8-May-2013

Grisly find on Pukehina beach, New Zealand - May 2013
"The Sea Creature of Pukehina"


  1. Re:
    "Grisly find on Brisbane beach, This morning 2012
    Hold on a second! That Dingo's still alive!"

    I think you will find something grisly under that dingo when it moves away,because it happens to be babysitting at the moment.-)

  2. I see what you did there! Aha! This could be the most grisly picture yet!