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28 September 2012

Dreaming of the Dark Uke

I'm starting to get that itchy feeling again. I feel the need... the need to build ukulele!

The Dark Ukulele

I've been kicking around a few ideas and I think that I've finally decided what I want to make. Do you want to know what I've opted for?

The Dark Uke Ponders

I've decided to try to breath life into the Travelele. You may remember a couple of months ago that I revealed a mock-up of what I called the King Uke Custom Travelele. It was a mash-up I put together to explore a few design concepts I had floating around in my head.

I really should think of a better name for it. Most people have been referring to it as the "Sharkfin Uke", so that's probably what I'll christen this build once I get going with it.

The Sharkfin Uke

Remember that this is a concept picture. Depending upon the parts I can source, I may need to tweak it. I'm also conscious that there are a few major details I'll need to figure out before I start:

I love the idea of this adjustable bridge, but I'm not sure how this
would work with an under-bridge piezo

The under-bridge piezo will be a worry in itself. Disregarding the
challenge of fitting the piezo, how on earth am I going to fit the
jack socket? I won't be able to use something like pictured
above because there'll be nothing to hold it in place. I probably
wouldn't have room for one requiring screws. Hmmm... a problem!

And what about the head? See this Risa. Just what's lurking at the back?
And would I want to do it that way?

I can see myself having dark knightmares (see what I did there?)
about the angled tuning pegs. Surely I won't be able to get that
right, especially with a sharkfin angled body design. I'm just
asking for trouble trying to attempt this!

And there you have it. I'm 99.9% certain that this is my next project. Just like with the Kingcaster Electric Uke, I promise to share all the stages of the build with you... the good and the bad. Wouldn't it be embarrassing if I fluffed it and had to give up! Ha ha! That'll keep me on my toes!

Watch this space...

The Dark Uke Plays


  1. Don't be batty man!
    My spider senses are tingling and I really feel that a Spider Uke is the go .-)

  2. I also sense a royalty theme happening here - KINGcaster,then Dark you'll be playing your JOKER .-)

  3. I hadn't spotted that royal theme Daz but I like it!. Maybe this is a Chess theme - my son's new passion? Or cards? You won't know this, but my next song on the Kingcaster was going to be Ace of Spades. I wanted to collaborate with someone who could give me the drums to play along to, but so far... nobody's interested.

    If anyone reading this can play the drums then let me know! Ace of Spades... then I definitely want to know. You don't have to be Philthy Animal, but it might help...

    Although Spidey was my favourite super-hero as a child, he doesn't do much for me anymore. Your spider-senses must be playing tricks on you...

  4. But if you make a Spidey Uke you won't need strings,you just use spider webs.-)

    I posted a zombie song my son wrote and sang on my blog for you to have a look at -

    I don't know what movie that is in his clip.I'll have to ask him when he gets back on Monday from his holiday.