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1 September 2012

(Me and My) Bigmouth

Some of you are waiting for a sample of what the Kingcaster electric ukulele sounds like. I intend to do a few songs of different styles to showcase its immense versatility, but first it seems fitting that I rock out with some vintage Smiths action.

There are 3 electric ukulele tracks in all on this song. One is a crunchy rhythm that is similar to Marr's original. The second is power chords, and the third has a few sporadic twiddles. To round it off I've thrown in some bass and a drum track. And of course, I'm singing in my own inimitable style ;-)

I've changed the key, the arrangement and probably some words too. Don't be too uptight about it... you must know by now that I like to do my own thing!

The video is a hodge-podge of all the photos I took whilst making this beast! Enjoy!

Update: I found this today and was wondering what on earth it was. Aha! It's the notes I took when I recorded this song. Can you make any sense of it?

Ancient Scrawl

Update 7-Sep-2012: This update is for my new mate Thiago. This is from memory - I'll check it later. I can't remember what I played for the power chords or the drum solo 'middle 8' bit, but I'm sure I could figure it out if it was of any value (oh yeah, there's the little instrumental bit too). Just shout. My advice on playing this is to concentrate on getting the rhythm right - the first and second halves have different rhythms. I purposely simplified Marr's strumming to allow me to get a good sound with distortion, but you don't have to. And don't get too hung up on strumming all of the strings when playing the individual chords. The G C and E strings are going to give you most of what you need.

Main Verse Progression

Main Verse Progression with Power Chords


  1. That was pretty impressive King,and not one Alan Key in sight.
    So we know it's not one of those cheap Swedish ukes .-)

  2. Thank you Daz. Nope - this is a one-off. Definitely not part of the popular IKEA Jewish range of small musical instruments.

  3. Congrats, King! Been following the build, since I wanna try building an electric myself.

    Also one of my favorite songs, awesome display of the uke's tone. What key/chords are you playing?


    Thiago from Brazil

  4. Thank you for commenting Thiago! I'll update this post with the chords maybe this weekend at the latest. Yeah - it's one of my favourite songs too! I know what my next tune will be and it will showcase a more beefy rocky sound (if I do it right :-D). Then probably a funky number and maybe then some more traditional clean uke numbers. Isn't this exciting!

  5. thanks for sharing.