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16 September 2012

Pinball Wizard

I have one more song for you as a sound check on my Kingcaster Electric Ukulele.

This time I attempt to emulate the Who on their wonderful Pinball Wizard. You may be surprised to know that I've never attempted to play any of these last three songs on guitar. I'm not sure why I'm doing them on uke for you now. My version is in the same key as the original, but it isn't anywhere as polished. You have 3 tracks of electric ukulele: The first is sort of like the original acoustic guitar; the second is similar, but simpler; and the third is the electric crunch. For good measure I added three tracks of vocals, each more flamboyant than the last. And that's it - I kept it minimalist.

Here are the lyrics:

Before I forget, I've jotted down the uke tabs for you. There are lots of chords and I don't know all of their names :-) and I can't be bothered looking them up for you. There should be enough hints below on how to put the whole song together. I do hope I haven't made any mistakes!

Pinball Wizard Uke Tabs


  1. U Rock man !
    You made some interesting sounds on the electric uke.

  2. Very impressive KU.
    And here am I just wishing I could play "Tip-Toe Through the Tulips" on a uke.

    I think I'll have to blow the dust off my "Tommy" DVD and give it another spin.

  3. Thank you for your feedback uke4u. I appreciate it. "interesting" about sums it up! ;-)

    I won't play Tip-toe through the tulips, but I do actually have a Max Bygraves song I might do. I wonder if you can guess which one it is? It would be a nice test for the Kingcaster...

  4. Re:
    "I won't play Tip-toe through the tulips, but..."
    Aw,come on,just once.
    It will remind me of that creepy movie "Insidious" starring Brendan Cowell's ex Rose Byrne.

  5. Whoa, amazing! You deserve your title, King!

  6. Ha ha... thanks Thiago! It's just a bit of fun! Glad you like it.