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23 September 2012

Tip-toe through the Tulips

This post is dedicated to my blogging buddy Daz.

When I first spoke with Daz the topic was Tokyo zombies, but it quickly turned to ukuleles. Daz doesn't have a ukulele (I'm still working on this), but his one desire is to be able to play Tip-toe through the Tulips.

He mentioned that it appears in the film Insidious played by Tiny Tim. I have gone out of my way to avoid Tiny Tim (he scares me) and I haven't seen the film, so I'm not sure how close my version is to that one. I hope it is completely different.

My video is a one-take affair with all sorts of little mistakes if you look hard enough. I'm playing in the same key as a version I heard Nick Lucas performing in the 1929 Warner Brothers film Gold Diggers of Broadway. However, my version is my own special interpretation. The chords aren't quite right and the arrangement is abbreviated a lot. I'm sure that I've made it a lot harder to play than it needed to be. Yes, and I seem to be shaking quite a bit and the audio is out of sync with the video. Apart from that, it's brilliant!

Update: Here are the tabs...


  1. Have you no shame King Uke?
    Soon I'll have you running around London naked with your uke and singing
    "Come on Aussie,Come on" .-)

    Here is the scene out of "Insidious"
    where the father is trying to rescue his son from the "Tiny Tim Ukelele School of Creepy Music".

    I'm sending this You Tube of yours to the producers of the "Insidious" sequel as an audition tape.As luck would have it the second movie is going to be titled
    "The Insidious Gold Diggers of Broadway"
    It's going to be like a phantom of the opera style production,only instead of an opera singer terrorizing the theatre,it will be a singer causing havoc with his uke songs in the key of "Tiny Tim" with cover songs like
    "Burning Down the House","Kumbaya my Lord"and the theme song from "Titanic" slowly turning insidiously nasty by going from the voice of Tiny Tim to Celine Dion.Which will probably tip the film into the R rated category,I guess.But that's the fine line producers of these films tread between horror to an outright gorefest for the ears,I suppose.

  2. "Have you no shame King Uke?"
    I don't think that I need to answer that one do I? I should stick the chords up for you and then you really won't have any excuses!

  3. Re:
    "I should stick the chords up for you and then you really won't have any excuses!"

    What's a chord ?
    I might have to give up my dreams of uke playing and stick to the kazoo.

  4. You don't escape that easily ;-)